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       Crystal Resonance Therapy
Are you feeling off balance? Maybe always tired and not having enough energy? Do you feel negative energy around you? Do you want to maintain good health and balance?
Maybe you have a child than needs some assistance and guidance?
I practice Crystal Resonance Therapy which uses the ancient practice of laying crystals combined with a variety of high frequency energies, which lets me utilize much more powerful vibrations than laying stones alone.
Crystal Resonance Therapy is used to clean and refresh your aura. It can help with physical and emotional challenges and illnesses. By getting into contact with your personal spirit guide, other issues can also be addressed if necessary.
While going through a spoken meditation, crystals will be applied on various parts of the body to assist with physical and emotional issues.  A tensor will be used to detect blockages and crystals will be used to release those blockages. When the body is free of blockages, we will align your chakras to strengthen the body and soul.
Most clients need a 2-3 sessions to see results.
Usually it is a very relaxing experience. I find the more open a client is and the more she or he consciously participates, the better the results are. Very often during a session we experience visits from our personal guides or guardian angels. Especially when there are difficult situations, they are there to guide and help us.
Love is the main focus in my sessions and I strive to provide a safe and nourishing environment for all my clients.
I recommend to wear light, comfortable and loose fitting clothes when coming to a Crystal Resonance Therapy Session
 1st consultation 45 -50 min.          $60
 follow up treatment     30 min        $30       
 I look forward to welcoming you soon to Mickysangels!
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